Why Use a CRO?

As the world of product development becomes more complex, many clinical trial sponsors are finding that outsourcing to CROs provides many strategic benefits. Criterium provides focused services geared toward the completion of timely, accurate, and cost-effective trials.

A partnership with Criterium is an extension of your drug development team. From thought to finish, Criterium makes your project, our project. A dedicated clinical research outsourcing team will work to build a relationship with you to establish a shared vision, complementary expertise, and trust.

Criterium offers in-depth knowledge and experience with regulatory processes around the globe. Our staff has first-hand experience to deal with government agencies in several countries to ensure that each clinical trial project is handled properly, on time, and on budget.

Our people, processes, technologies, and therapeutic expertise make it possible to streamline the complex process of taking products from laboratory to market — safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.