Clinical Research South Africa

Since Criterium’s South Africa office opened, it has been a major component of and contributor to our global clinical services. It has provided clinical data for such therapeutic areas as Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis, Dermatology, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Infectious Disease (herpes, pneumonia), GI, Pediatrics, Oncology, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary studies.

Criterium South Africa was established in 2003 as Criterium’s first branch office outside the United States. This was a major step in enabling Criterium to augment the real-time technology used in its clinical trials with 24 hour study coverage.

This strategic office has increased the value to Criterium clients by enabling them to take advantage of South Africa's unique assets in the global arena of clinical research. South African study data has long been a component of research which has been granted FDA approvals:

  • Its location in the Southern Hemisphere allows many clinical trials to be completed year-round
  • Large patient recruitment populations in many therapeutic areas, due to its unique mix of economies
  • Strict regulatory standards for the conduct of clinical trials, aided by an extremely well established mix of highly trained investigators

Therapeutic Expertise

The South African and sub-Saharan regions have become more sophisticated in maintaining strict timelines and cutting costs in clinical trials. Criterium South Africa personnel have participated in over 75 clinical studies, including:

  • Allergy Studies- Perennial and Seasonal
  • Dermatology
  • Respiratory Disease Studies
  • Cardiovascular Disease Studies
  • Pain Management Studies
  • Clinical Studies in HIV and other Infectious Diseases
  • Central Nervous System Clinical Studies
  • Oncology Studies
  • Clinical Studies in Metabolic Disease

Service Expertise

All Criterium clients benefit from our efficient technology-based workflow. Field staff in South Africa are supported by centralized Remote Study Management, Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Programming Support services in Criterium’s New York headquarters.

Because of this strong support structure the data are locked sooner, allowing for statistical analysis, final reports and speedy submission of studies to the client and agencies. This enables us to set aggressive timelines, reduce costs and produce very high quality data when completing the clinical trial process.

Regulatory Expertise

With experienced personnel and Board Certified in South Africa, Criterium is able to work with the unique regulatory structures and specialized patient requirements of this region. This enables us to set aggressive timelines, reduce costs and produce very high quality data. Because of the close working relationship with headquarters, the data are locked sooner, facilitating statistical analysis, final report, and submission of studies to the client and agencies.

Clinical Trials South Africa
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