Clinical Research Israel

Criterium extends its worldwide clinical trials capabilities throughout Israel, a fast growing area for innovative clinical research. Criterium's global full service contract research resources will be offered by Criterium to medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies located in that country.

Israel's popularity as a site for clinical trials increased rapidly after the country received FDA recognition as an approved site for FDA clinical trials in 1997. As a result, Israel has experienced a dramatic increase in the number of international companies that are looking to set up joint venture manufacturing, research and testing facilities in that country.

Among the reasons cited by international companies for carrying out clinical trials in Israel are:

  • The ease of rapidly recruiting and following patient populations for many therapeutic areas. The country is small, all citizens carry an identity card, there is an effective national health insurance program and 80 percent of the entire population belongs to the same health maintenance organization (HMO), Kupat Holim. That means that Israeli clinical trials can be started and completed much more quickly, giving a potential partner an edge over competitors that are based solely in European or American sites.

  • Israel has one of the world's most skilled and educated work forces, with more doctors, scientists and engineers per capital than any other nation.

The primary focus of Israeli Life Sciences development has been in Medical Device, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical development companies. The leading therapeutic areas that these companies focus on include cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease, oncology, neurodegenerative disease, and other age related disease area such as ophthalmology and orthopedics.

Clinical Trials Israel
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